Our Team

Meet the team

Creating #PowerBrands takes a whole village and we’ve sourced from all corners of the world.


Daniel Posavac

With over 10 years of hands-on international and APAC experience, Daniel has developed strategic digital solutions for brands across various sectors, including FMCG, finance, and telecommunications. In setting up Bonsey Jaden in Singapore, he is focused on leading the agency to become one of Asia’s largest independent digital shops.

Adam Chan
Regional ECD

Twice ranked among the top 10 copywriters in the world by the Big Won Report, Adam is a firm believer in insight-driven problem solving. He’s still on the lookout for the next great story, as well as a way to write his bio without mentioning his Big Won ranking.

Hor Yew Pong
Regional ECD

Once ranked as the 6th most-awarded Creative Director in the Big Won Report, Pong has a knack of making work feel like playtime, and has tamed lions, pencils, angels and other creative awards both locally and internationally.

Harish Ramachandran
Head of Technology

Prior to Bonsey Jaden, Harish developed AI-powered health pods, medical devices and healthcare services. He is also an innovation consultant for tech founders across various industries. You can find Harish on pitch panels in Tech-in-Asia, and other tech incubation conferences.

Iain Mc Mullan
Group Head of Business

Iain started his marketing career in Singapore in 2002 and has since managed clients such as British Airways, Qantas, Pan Pacific Hotels, and Microsoft. He also joined AIA Singapore’s marketing team, and managed Emirates airline’s global Loyalty and Recruitment activities.

Lizbeth Pal
Content & Partnership Director

Liz is a trend hunter and digital native, passionate about building creative campaigns from human insights. A TEDx speaker from Sydney, she’s worked on award-winning projects and brands such as Google, Microsoft, McDonalds, Johnson and Johnson, Campari, Nike, Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen.

Nandan Samant
Director of Digital Media

Since 2009, Nandan has worked across roles and markets to help brands grow in the digital realm. He values precision, efficiency and measurability in digital campaigns. Nandan is also a devout Jiu Jitsu practitioner and he believes in constant self-development.

Hilyah Raffick
Strategic Planning Manager

Hilyah mixes her experience in account management and love for cultural and consumer insights in developing strategy that translate into meaningful brand and business opportunities. Her client portfolio includes Apple, Michelin, Standard Chartered, Nando’s, Pizza Hut, DiGi, and many more.

Strategic Planners

They turn a mix of data points and insights into defining brand narratives that drive our creative work.


Our creative leaders turn every single stone in their pursuit of impactful ideas.

Client Management

As key advocates for your brand, they bring the best out of our team in delivering only the best work.

Data & Media Specialists

They build data-driven and calculated media strategies that plan for efficiency with every dollar spent.

Content & Partnership Specialists

They have the best job in the world; and a licence to spend all waking hours playing on social media.

UI/UX & Technology Specialists

They design digital products that people love to use and translate business objectives into lines of code.

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